Why List With Kasha?

Kasha sells her listings for top Dollar, that’s why she gets all her listings.

Nothing showcases public trust in a realtor like a high community sales volume. Perhaps the most important factor when selecting a realtor to sell your home is their proven track record of doing just that, successfully listing and selling homes. Kasha’s high sales Volume in North and West Vancouver has made her as a member of the prestigious Real Estate Board of Vancouver Medallion Club since 2006, putting her in an elite category of sales volume shared by only the top 10% of all G.V.R.D realtors.

  1. Call Kasha – She wants to hear about your real estate goals and help guide you right off the blocks.

  2. Let’s See Your Home – Invite Kasha over. Every home is one of a kind, so let’s see what we are dealing with. She will take note of what is seen and return shortly after and present you in person with an impressive & professional market evaluation that will help determine the market value of the home.

  3. What to do Next? - Sellers naturally have many questions after the being presented with our market evaluation; “Do we list right away?...Should we spend some money to spruce things up?...How can we make our home more appealing to Buyers?” and many many more. Kasha’s experience and knowledge will help guide you on all these concerns to help you get top dollar for your home.

  4. Let’s List Your Home - It must be done right. Timing and organization are absolute musts. Our philosophy and hands on application on selling homes is to hit hard with advertizing in the local community and internationally.

  5. Advertising – It has to hit the world hard and turn people’s heads. Kasha works with and hires several independent media teams to better advertise your home with:

    a. Professional photos
    b. A VIDEO of your home with professional voice narrations
    c. Just listed COLOR flyers featuring your home only
    d. Beautiful newspaper ads
    e. A state of the art website with high volume of traffic
    f. OPEN HOUSES advertized on multiple high traffic websites
    g. Kasha and her own listing coordination team, glue all these features together with a personal touch best suited for YOUR home.

  6. We Always Show Our Listings – Some agents/realtors use lockbox keys. This is a device that attaches to your home with your key in it so agents can get the key and show the home without the listing agent present. We do not agree with the lockbox system. We want to know who is in our Sellers home, showcase our Sellers home in person and also want to see the potential Buyer’s reaction to the home. We are hired to show up, not stay at home.

  7. We Do Not Tire, We Do Not Quit – Not every home sells right away. For this reason, Sellers need a persevering and resilient team dedicated to maintaining a positive momentum and who never gives up on the promotion of the property. We are notorious for holding continual public and agent opens throughout the week, even strategically on Friday nights at times.

  8. Consideration on Personal and Private Matters – It has been our privilege to have worked with 100’s of people on 100s’ of sales. From this, we have learned to listen to and incorporate Sellers personal concerns and privacy into our game plan. We have dealt with all sorts of situations relating to extra special care needed for the elderly, sensitive matters relating to a divorce, health issues and even uncooperative tenants. Again, your home is one of a kind as is the situation in it.

  9. A Strong Negotiator – Putting it mildly, Kasha has a style that is all her own. She can be tough, very vocal and isn’t afraid to express her opinions to all parties privy to an offer. She can also be sensitive, caring and understands when things need time to brew with big decisions. Whatever the offer situation calls for, the common denominators in all her negotiating are integrity, honesty and professionalism all with the help of factual market information. 

  10. Closing the Deal – Respectfully, this is what separates kasha from so many others. Just when you think the deal won’t happen, so often she makes it happen! – The best way to showcase Kasha’s talent is to click this link to her public testimonials. ( * display the testimonial link here ) Let their voices be heard and give them a chance to help influence your decision to select Kasha to list and sell your home.